About me

After 20+ years in marketing, I decided to do something different..

I climbed the corporate ladder, landing senior roles in media marketing and it still didn’t feel right, plus I had kids now and needed flexibility.

So I ripped it up and started again, this time with my own business. I ran a successful marketing consultancy and whilst it made me good money, it didn’t make me happy.

I was always compromising. On my time, money, energy, my mental health and my sense of fulfillment.

So I looked for purpose by trying different things.

I had therapy, travelled, changed jobs, stayed at home with the kids, started my own business and I completed courses.

But it was only when I started working with a coach that I started to see the change I craved.

Coaching helped me connect with myself.

It allowed me to take charge of my life, to enjoy being me.

I set out to do things differently because I didn’t want to talk about 6 or 7 figures.The phrase ‘girl boss’ isn’t something my clients use.The women I help have an entrepreneurial spirit. They find joy and purpose in enhancing other people’s lives as well as their own. 

It was with these women in mind that I created a unique blend of coaching, business and marketing mentoring. My coaching covers more than just mindset.

If you want to read about my accreditations or media chops click here

But do you know how I really see it? It’s business therapy, and it’s a joy to share.


Over the past 20 years, I’ve built up invaluable knowledge and insight working in senior marketing roles for companies such as IPC Media, The Discovery Channel and Tesco.com.

I’ve also founded and run a successful independent marketing consultancy. I know what it is to be a business owner.

As well as being an accredited coach with The Institute of Leadership and Management I have completed the certified training with the Aligned Coaching Academy and continue to invest in my own personal development and growth.