About me

I am a uniquely placed coach who can combine life and business coaching . I strongly feel that is important to find your version of meaningful success in life and enjoy it. 

This is not a new belief and I’m sure it’s not a revelation to you either!

But it’s not always that easy,  despite having some amazing experiences and great achievements, I didn’t quite feel I had cracked the code.

I tried therapy, travel, changing jobs, starting my own business, courses, lot of parties all of these had benefits (and some downsides). But it was when I started working with a coach that I finally started seeing the changes that I craved.

Coaching helped me get to know myself. It allowed me to take charge of my life, to enjoy being me. It helped to shift my mindset and bring about positive changes to my life and business.

And all of this is coming from a natural skeptic!

I love working with and helping women and I knew very quickly I wanted to become a mindset and business coach myself, so embarked on getting the relevant training and accreditations. I continue to invest in my own personal development and growth, with ongoing training and coaching.

So, if you suspect that there’s more out there for you then I can tell you there is!

I am an accredited coach with The Institute of Leadership and Management and have trained with the Aligned Coaching Academy.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve built up invaluable knowledge and insight working in senior marketing roles for companies such as IPC Media, The Discovery Channel and Tesco.com.

I’ve also founded and run a successful independent marketing consultancy so I know what it is to be a business owner.

If you’re ready to take some positive action for yourself then get in touch!

Why work with me?

.I love helping women gain clarity, direction, and fulfilment by identifying and reaching goals that provide meaningful success in all aspects of their lives. 

When you invest in my coaching you get:

    • Focused time dedicated to you and your business: When did you last dedicate real time and attention to you and your life? No question, thought or aspiration is too silly, too weird, too small or too big. I create a space where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Let’s work out what you really want and how to achieve it.
    • Insight into you: What is holding YOU back? We are unique and so are our mind blocks and limiting beliefs. I can hold a mirror up to show you these hidden obstacles. Sometimes just identifying these is enough to overcome them but if not I can offer tools and strategies to help.
    • Support: As a business owner it’s easy to feel alone. I’ll be a sounding board for your thoughts, doubts, ambitions, decisions, hopes and aspirations. 
    • Challenge: I’ll suggest strategies and tactics to help you get the most from our sessions – some of which may push you out of your comfort zone as Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”
    • Different Perspective: One of my strengths is seeing the potential in people. Often people come to me feeling negative about themselves and their business but I can see where you will thrive.
    • Accountability: There are lots of things that you probably know you should do but it never seems to happen.  Accountability is often what’s needed to change that – a period of time where you’re accountable and you see results sets you up for good habits and consistency.
    • Person Centred  Bespoke Coaching: I have an empathetic approach and strongly believe that you are the most important thing. When you are happy and aligned the business will follow. Not all the advice and strategies out there work for everyone.
    • Experience: My 20 years’ marketing and business experience combined with my coaching skills means I am uniquely placed to help you with coaching and marketing strategy needs as well as other business advice.

Don’t just take my word for it. See what other clients have to say about working with me.