Want to feel like this?

Working with Lucy was a revelation! She helped me work through some personal challenges with sensitivity and understanding, which had a very positive impact on my business. The sessions were empowering and inspiring and helped me identify patterns of behaviour which, with her help, I have been working to change.

Lucy has a real gift for questioning which makes you really stop and think. I would highly recommend working with Lucy if you are looking to level up personally, professionally or (both).


Business Owner & Management Employee

I have worked with a few coaches in the past but working with Lucy has been the best experience by far.

Lucy has helped me to recognise my own patterns which finally means I can stop beating myself up and making the same mistakes. She is an incredibly empathetic person who I always feel very comfortable talking to.

Having regular sessions with Lucy has kept me accountable and motivated when things have got tough and helped me looking forward to a brighter future. Thank you Lucy for all your time and dedication I couldn’t have got here without you.


Digital Marketer

“Lucy has pulled back the curtain on what’s possible for me and my business. I turned to coaching to boost my confidence, get me out of a rut and grow my client base.

Lucy has done all that and more! She is calm yet assertive; supportive yet challenging.  She has an innate ability to translate my overwhelm into realistic, exciting achievable goals by questioning my whys, buts and negatives. She helps me reframe, reconsider and reboot my thinking and approach.

My life and business have changed for the better in just a few sessions and I’m excited about what’s to come. She is a naturally gifted coach with an abundance of marketing know-how – the perfect business coach.


Marketing Agency Owner


Freedom and self-confidence – that’s what Lucy has given me. She helped me see I was holding back myself and my business with a fearful mindset – trying to keep myself safe and protected. Lucy helped me acknowledge my fears are not real – they belong to the small, frightened child that still sometimes lives within. Knowing this has freed me to move forwards with confidence.”


Mum & Baby Ecomm Business Owner

“Lucy has propelled my business forward. She helped me gain clarity on how to market myself and my business, which methods work best for me and, most importantly, who I am marketing to. My confidence has grown along with my business.”



“The sessions with Lucy have put me back in touch with the side of myself that embraces change and isn’t afraid to do things in a non-standard way. Lucy got to the nub of things quickly, kindly and sensitively. She was quick to understand the kind of person I am and the things that have been holding me back. She provided me with techniques to get me started on ringing the changes. Thanks to Lucy, I have renewed clarity of vision and purpose. I am planning to go back to her if I need help with specific decisions in the future.”



“Lucy inspired me so much. I feel more confident, more empowered – I am excited for what comes next!  Thank you so much Lucy for equipping me with such valuable tools. You help change lives!”


Sustainable Clothing Business Owner

“I find my regular sessions with Lucy extremely helpful. She encourages me to connect with my vision of what I want in life and then think bigger!

I can trust her with whatever goes through my mind. I often think an issue is business related but with Lucy’s guidance and support I’m able to explore its real origin and tackle it at the root. She helps me look at next steps and how to move forward.

I am so grateful to have her as a coach.”



“My session with Lucy was exactly what I needed to brain dump and focus. I went from feeling tearful and overwhelmed to clear-headed and calm in one very nice hour.

She quickly understood what kind of person I am and what’s been holding me back in different areas of life and work. She provided lots of techniques I can use to get started with some changes.

It’s been fantastic!


Arts Entrepreneur