How to work with me

Ways to work with me


You’ve lost direction and motivation and things don’t feel quite right.

But you know that to stop feeling stuck, you need a boost.

Having clarity, confidence and a plan changes the game.

Reconnect to the career or business you created.

3 x 60 minute sessions within a 3 month period – £500

Check In

Do your goals still feel exciting?

Is the plan you put together working?

Are you on the right track for where you’re at today?

Check in for a one-off session or quarterly calibrations.

1 x 90 minute session – £200


    Are you lost and unsure of what you want?

    Perhaps you are considering a big change or have recently been through a change?

    Maybe as one role or business comes to a close you feel ready to write a new story?

    A connection with yourself is about more than the work you do. It’s about being able to enjoy being you and all the life that entails.

    Modules include:

    • Purpose & Clarity. The Big Vision
    • Reconnect to yourself / Self worth
    • What’s holding you back? Fear, lack, limiting beliefs
    • Offering & Niche Ideal Client
    • Business Model
    • Way Forward – Strategy / Planning
    • Way Forward – Mindset
    • Way Forward – Marketing /Sales
    • Action Plan – what do you need to make this happen?
    • Action Plan Going forward
    • Accountability and support and mentoring throughout.
    • Create the next chapter of your life with ease.

    10 x 60 minute session, with voice message support throughout. £1500